serenity creek staff


Serenity Creek Med Spa is a state-of the-art facility providing cosmetic services for your aesthetic enhancements of the face, body, and skin. At Serenity Creek Med Spa, we hold your aesthetic care in the highest regard. All lasers and machines are registered with the State of Texas and are in compliance with Texas guidelines and terms of use. Offering a vast array of service, treatment, and procedure options, we provide the customized experience you deserve. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will discuss your concerns to tailor a regimen that suits your unique needs.

The Serenity Creek staff is composed of skilled medical professionals, including board-certified physicians and aesthetic specialists. Our trained professionals operate advanced, modern equipment to produce beautiful results, as well as educate and help patients achieve their ultimate desired results.


At Serenity Creek Med Spa, our mission is to provide our patients with elite care in a warm, inviting, and safe environment. Serenity Creek Med Spa strives to deliver superior medical attention while delivering exceptional communication between treatment providers and patients for the best results possible. We are dedicated to providing Austin and surrounding areas with the latest and most effective aesthetic medical technology and skin care solutions available. Our staff is passionate about providing the best, ethical medical aesthetic care to our patients.